29 September 2017

Holiday Reading Time - Try these

SuperbatMe Too, Grandma!

Super Bat. By Matt Carr.  Pat the Bat wants to help others, but he has the same powers as all the other bats until he finds his superpower.

Moo and Moo and the Little Calf too.  By Jane Millton.  The tail of the three cows who surfed the 2016 Earthquake in Kaikoura,

Me too, Grandma.  BY Jane Chapman.   A lovely tail about a grandmother owl and her two grandchildren.
Ella and Olivia: Pony Problem.  By Yvette Poshoglian.  Ella, Olivia and their friend Zoe are off to a Equestrian competition.

The Midnight Panda.  By Holly Webb.  a tail of imagination and shadows.

Diary of a Minecraft Zombie: School Daze.  By Zack Zombie.  Book 5 in the series.

A New Broom, Coconut Oil, Sugar Cane and Bamboo.  All By Jill MaGregor.  4 More delightful stories from the Pacific Islands.

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