18 February 2019

Up and Running!!!

The library is now up and running for the new year.  This blog will keep you updated with our new books and happenings in the library over the year.  If you have any questions or needs please feel free to come in and see me.


10 January 2019

Library Open Saturday 10 till 12. See you there!!!!

The library will be open this Saturday and the 3 following Saturdays from 10 am till 12 pm for book exchange and crafts.

Please bring you children, read and join in the crafts.

Janine Holcroft
Library Manager

11 December 2018

Summer Reading - Library Opening Hours.

Library opening times will be between 10am and 12pm on the following dates.  This year we will be running activities for you and your parents to do as well as changing your books.
Saturday 12th January we will be making Chinese Lanterns and Rattle Drums
Saturday 19th January we will be decorating Henna Hands and Rangoli patterns (using coloured salt) from India
Saturday 26th January we will be decorating a Filipino Sarimanok (Bird) and make German windmills (Origami)

Saturday 2nd February we will be making Celtic Designs and Dutch Tulip Cards  (Origami and paper)

30 November 2018

More New Books - More to Read

Image result for dragon

What Bear Likes Best!.  By Alison Ritchie.  Little bear wants to play but the other animals are busy.

Cinder the Bubble-Blowing Dragon.  By Jessica Anderson.  Cinder is getting too big for the castle and has to move out. 

Discover Drones.  By Douglas Hustad.  A non fiction look at today's drones.

Enchantments & Potions.  From Mojang,  A how to guide for Minecraft.

The Short but Brilliant Career of Lucas Weed.  By Chrissie Walker.  Lucas is a prank-star and likes playing tricks on others.

 Ned's Circus of Marvels.  By Justin Fisher.  The first in the series following the life and adventures of Ned. 

20 November 2018

Chose Your Own Adventures

Box Set #6-1 Choose Your Own Adventure Books 1-6:
This weeks new and ready to read books include 8 new "Chose your own Adventures" books.

All these books let you chose the ending of the story with at last 25 possible endings per book.  Titles include "Escape", "Race Forever", " The Abominable Snowman",  Space and Beyond", The Lost Jewels of Nabooti", "Mystery of the Maya", House of Danger" and  "Journey Under the Sea" all written by R.A. Montgomery.

9 November 2018

Week 4 Hot New Reads

Nee Naw and the Cowtastrophe

Nee Naw and the Cawtastrophe.  By Deano Yipadee.  Nee Naw saves the day again.

New pet care books, all By Isabel Thomas:  Caring for your Chickens, Caring for your Birds,
Caring for your guinea Pigs and Caring for your Pet Rats or Mice.  

Rose Campion and the Curse of the Doomstone.  By Lyn Gardner.  The follow on from Rose Campion and the Stolen Secret